Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The state of this country

I woke up when my phone made a noise. It stopped me from dreaming (hence, I can't even remember the dream). I saw a notification: new headlines from one of the English-language newspaper in the country. News about how the House is planning to revise the Law for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). And I thought, WTF? Not a very pleasant way to wake up.

It seems like a continuation of the House's efforts to disrupt the upcoming presidential period. They have scrapped the direct election for regional (provincial) leaders in the country last week and now they are trying to limit KPK and even plan to change the presidential election system (instead of a direct vote from the people, the House will do the job for us). You can read about the change in the provincial leaders' election here.

We just celebrated the success of Jokowi, a commoner with impressive track records in government work (unlike his rival, Prabowo, who has notorious human rights violation records) and now it does feel, at least for me, that the House of Representatives robbed us that victory by clearly not taking the people's side; the ones that they should represent at the first place.

One of my biggest concerns is how very little people seem to care and how confusing it is to do something if you care. I spoke to several friends who understand politics and the political system in Indonesia better than I do (I know nothing about the two topics), and so far the available solution if (I) you want to do something is to hold a protest. Not a social media one, but a real one on the street. I don't know how to rally people or to organise a protest. I know some people who were active in 1998 and they said it's time for the next generation to start a change. Okay. How? Where to start?

Signing petition(s) on Facebook or Change.org is quite easy, but will it actually matter? Can someone with more knowledge in this matter point to the right direction (whatever that means because for me everything is very foggy at the moment)?