Friday, October 28, 2011

The case of my virtual friend(s)

There was a friend of mine who enjoyed talking shit (and some really serious and interesting shit) with me in the past. We shared more than just a laugh. We had had our glorious moments together. But then, whatever that I had with said friend just ended. Quite abruptly. It felt like murder. I still don't quite understand the reason, but the meetings stopped, the conversation died. We are still 'friends' though...on facebook. Official facebook friends. How good is that? Thus, my friend had transformed into another virtual friend amongst my other virtual friends.

It's always a relief when the contrary happens. Virtual friends morph into non-virtual friends. People that I know only on the net come into my reality and have real social interactions with me. I cherish those moments, even though not all moments end happily.

Of course, living in this city, sometimes you just don't have any other option other than talking to your friends through virtual medium, such as facebook. I have nothing against this, but I still prefer the real interaction; real as in flesh to flesh... not typed words to typed words.

Sometimes I'm glad that some people are only virtual friends. Do you know how easy to get rid of these people? Just as easy as one click. Sometimes I'd feel a bit disappointed seeing myself got removed easily. I call this the 'natural selection'. We got noticed, commented, poked, invited, and sometimes forgotten, banned and bad-mouthed. Only one click away.

I know at one point, I will drag the cursor to the 'deactivate account' option, and drawn myself away from my virtual friends. And maybe I can start looking for my non-virtual friends.

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