Thursday, June 20, 2013

Angry rambling (what's new, really?)

Yesterday when I was having lunch at home with my parents, we talked about people who rented my parents' property. They also manage my grandmum's property. And my dad mentioned that one guy actually said they didn't need a written agreement on when he had to pay the rest of his rent money because, and I quote, "I'm a Muslim. You can trust me."

I told my dad how amazingly insane that statement was. Considering how corruption plagues all levels of administration in this country, including the Religious Affairs Ministry, and that most of the corruptors are indeed Muslim, the statement is just ludicrous. Of course, it is not uncommon. People here say that all the time. Acting all pious and pretentious, they strive to prove they are the better humans because they hold their faith and god so highly.

I guess I'm angry. I'm angry with people who think they can get away with everything (including hideous crimes) because they have faith and when they sin, they can repent and god will forgive them, because god is all merciful, and they will be okay. The world will be fine.

I also am angry listening to the repeated jargon. Take one for example: cleanliness is part of your faith. This one sounds so detached with reality. One thing, you don't need faith to stay clean or keep everything clean. You just need your common sense. You don't litter because you are responsible for your own rubbish. That's yours to manage, not everyone else. And certainly not any god's business either.

And if everyone is so good because they follow and do religious activities all the time, why is this country so fucked up? Why do people think going back to an era where a dictator ruled the country is a great idea? Why do animals get neglected and abused in almost every government-managed zoos in the country? Why?

Alright, I'm rambling. I wish I knew how I could make a difference.

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