Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Job Desperation

Currently, I'm working in a national-scale newspaper as a proofreader with four hours shift, five days a week. My salary is rather small for a monthly-paid job, but ok for the short shift. The first day I came, I was so nervous. I'd never worked at a national media before, yet along an English newspaper. So, the new kid on the block [as they called me that day] tried to adjust as fast as she could in the big (and freezing) office.
Turned out, the job and the people were excellent! I loved doing my job, I liked hanging-out with my office mates in the smoking area (yes, I do enjoy smoking), I enjoyed the ambiance, and I had zero complaint which was an achievement for me.
But then, a problem rose on the second month. They didn't pay my salary. They postponed my first month salary until the third week of my second month. And it didn't stop. The did it gain on the third month. So basically I have been living two months with a month payment which is ridiculous since I have a meager number for my monthly salary.
This well-established-company cannot afford paying its employees right on time. And what did I get from a discussion with the HRD? A simple sorry and a false promise. Oh, not to mention the way they degraded all of the proofreaders by saying that they were generous enough to have paid us the meager number. And that's not all, folks! It was hard for me to sit still listening to what the HRD manager had to say because he wasn't aware that everything that he said only degraded us even more.
So, I'm thinking about quitting this job. I've been trying to find a new one, but sadly haven't succeeded in doing so.
Hopefully, I'll find a new one as soon as possible.
I feel soooo tired now.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that
little part for your desperation
biggest part for your the most pathetic national media where you work

Ahhhhh, don't believe it if I'm not hearing from you

chayoo Ri, nowadays I really love to sing "everything's gonna be alright" and I hope you do

ari leutik said...

Aha..aha..aha..it is pathetic.
Yeah, probably everything's gonna be alright, sooner or later.

Patria Asmara said...

chin up, girl! "Good things come to those who wait". Well... the wait is almost over, isn't it? Or is it not? I recommend you NOT to resign, for whatever reason. Take a look at me: I ain't gonna quit my job cos I like my work environment already. Luckily I still have stuffs to do in my spare time. So... extend your fuse a little bit longer. Keep on going and enjoy the good side of the "pathetic" situation. Godspeed, my friend. Godspeed!