Friday, September 27, 2013

A Bully on the Playground

Social media, regardless how redundant the phrase is, is such an interesting playground. And just like real (literal) playground, you get different sorts of little humans (sometimes big humans) running around, screaming, squealing, minding their own little business and so on and so forth.

You know in a playground, sometimes you get a bully, right? The one who just likes to shove other kids with no other reasons than seeing the other kid cries or runs away in fear. Well, it happens in social media too. You get people who just like to poke at another person's forehead and tell that person he/she's stupid. They don't make any incomprehensible argument. They just say your argument is stupid and that you are shallow for making that argument. Why is your argument stupid? Why are you shallow? No reason. It just is. You just are. Suck it.

I know when it comes to Internet and social media, you kinda have to deal with morons on a daily basis. But this bully incident happened on my Facebook account; a playground where you (sort of ) know everyone and that everyone is (allegedly) your frien . And the "bully" was a (well, I guess not a good) friend from high school time. I thought people being "adults" meant they would be more responsible to what they would say. You know, if someone makes an argument, generally that person has a reason to make such argument? And if you think the argument is annoying, you either can 1) make a counterargument, or 2) ignore it (i.e. unfriend that person). Well, I guess I'm wrong.

It's funny that this "friend" was upset because I criticised Indonesian health care service, i.e. the doctors at hospitals. I think this "friend" is a doctor. I can't even remember what she does. What is intriguing for me, it's that she was upset and then accused me of acting shallow and irresponsible. Why would she be upset about what I mentioned on my timeline? Is it necessary for her to make a case on behalf of ALL Indonesian health care staff? If yes, why? Considering what I wrote is a very personal vent, hence I wrote it on my Facebook account (you can't see what I post unless you're a friend), what difference does it make to her professional world? Has my critic destroyed her sense of security?

It's also funny that after she said I was "shallow and unresponsible (sic)", she posted a "status update" (which of course popped out on my newsfeed) that basically said your shallowness makes you look stupid. Should I be flattered and think that update is about me?

I think what annoys me the most is how some people, people that I chose to be friends with on this one specific platform of social media, are just dumb and saying dumb stuff, or acting all high and mighty and bullying everyone with insults. I guess that's the thing with Facebook. You know this person from high school, from elementary school, from babies or I don't know, and then you think that hey, she/he was cool back then; there's no harm keeping in touch on Facebook now. Well, yeah, it doesn't always work that way. And I know it's rather dumb of me by getting annoyed. 

In the end, I just ended it with a very typical gesture. I sighed and shook my head, wondering why I haven't deleted my Facebook account.   


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