Monday, February 2, 2009

Direct Hit

I just posted my last note about past things in a shoe box, etc...etc... And I also replied to a friend's comment: I agree that past things soothe me in certain ways.
And then, five minutes later, I was still thinking about the earlier notes and all of the sudden, I saw my ex's face on my friend's screen. BAM!! Talking about the past, eh? The BAM!! part came since I realized that I didn't want to see that familiar face ever in my life again. Neither his face nor the memories of him soothe me. I know few years back that he lived in Jakarta, but I didn't expect him to have any encounter with my future [now present] co-workers.

Maybe this is what you get when you feel abandoned by one thing in your past, the other things [those you least expected] hurriedly run after you.


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