Monday, June 20, 2011

Attention seeker

Have you ever felt desperate for a social interaction? Be it only a random conversation over coffee with a friend, or a long session of cuddling with your loved ones. Desperation comes when you know that you don't have anyone close enough to do that. You know you need it from other people, but none will provide for you.

A person once said to me that I need to be proactive and seek out those people. After trying for some time, I realised that it's not really about finding these people, but it's about coping with the loneliness. You will never be able to rely on anyone. We, humans, regardless our social tendency, are individuals; created different with one another, bearing our own unique traits.

I know that I'm not good with myself. I need companions almost all the time. I don't need intense conversations 24/7 of course, but I have to be with other people. Or I'll be quite depressed. I need to talk to and hear stories from another human being.

I guess I'm lame in that sense, not being able to withstand myself when I'm alone. But, that's just the way I am. Of course, this is related to the previous post. The sense of being expendable doesn't really help.

But then again, maybe I just need a decent sleep. Something that I have not yet able to do until now.

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