Monday, June 27, 2011

Writing a sinetron

I heard the president said last night on a press conference that drugs corrupted the young generations, making them unproductive, lazy, ill, and such. I would say that sinetron is equally worse to drugs. It makes people stupid, uncreative, unrealistic, and just plain sad.

I was doing my usual script screening. There were four scripts on my desk, waiting to be either tossed away or given to another editor for a second opinion. I've read two so far and both were written by highschoolers, tender in age (and I guess in writing experience). I am not going to rattle about their age, because it has nothing to do with creativity. It's their choice of characters. Their main "actors" are near perfect. They are smart, immensely handsome/pretty, athletic, and come from an established family. The divine type.

Yes, I know it's fiction, but why the stereotype? Why the sinetron stereotype, to be more exact? The young, fit, smart, handsome, kind, sincere... as if God made a mistake and created the "perfect" man. It feels like these young writers don't live in the same world like I do. Where do we find these divine people? I sure want one for myself.

I am not trying to generalise. This is just an observation, coming from reading I-don't-know-how-many-local scripts. Most of the teenage stories are like the Harlequin-published books with no sex and local setting, which predictably worse. The rest is just the same Cinderella-complex.

I guess one can relate it to one's wish. Perhaps the author(s) was (were) picturing her/his ideal picture of a family, life, oneself, etc. And it's all there in their "novels". A fiction diary. Thank God, they are still young. So they will have plenty of time to evolve. God protects me from bad literature. Amen.

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